My First Wake Up Call: Before Herbalife:


When I was 17 years old, I weighed 245 lbs, measured 5''3' in. tall and felt the same unbearable pain most overweight people have felt in their life. My life wasn't a very easy one. When I was 7 years old my mother was diagnosed with Breast and Lung cancer. Two years past of me and my family fighting alongside her day by day, whether she was in chemotherapy or radiational therapy. As the time passed, she grew weaker and I grew bigger.


I was 9, almost 10 when she left us to be with the Lord, and I was never the same. You see my mother was my rock, my shoulder to cry on and I had lost her. Instead of grieving and expressing my feelings in more healthier ways, I used food as my one escape. Since my father worked two jobs to support my brothers and I, he wasn't there to stop me not from over eating food that was available nor was he around to stop us from choosing less healthy options on the market. 


One day my nephew came home and as he ran fast to hug me, he said " Tio, I wish I could give you a real hug.." and I dumbfoundedly said "Mijo, what are you talking about?" and his response was " If my arms don't wrap around you, then it doesn't count." and my heart shattered into pieces. The next morning I went to my doctor's office for a check up, and after all the test they ran through me he said "Jonny boy, If you don't do something about your current health condition, you just might not live to see 21"  



















I had never been so afraid in my life, and that was when I got my first wake up call. 


After month's of hard work and dedication with Beachbody's "Insanity" workout, I lost 99 pounds and dedicated my life to helping others; but then life happened. After losing the weight, being in College full time, and working full time to support myself, I gained back 41 pounds of the weight that I lost with Insanity. Everything that I tried failed me, solely working out didn't work, I was way too busy to do weekly meal preps and found myself eating McDonald's, Burger King, Popeyes, and pretty much anything else that served greasy food and french fries.


I thought that I lost my self forever and then I found Herbalife.


My Final Wake Up Call: Journey with Herbalife


After I found Herbalife, not only was I introduced to a beast nutrition system, but I was introduced to a community of people going through the same struggles as I did. This highly developed system, matched with the highest quality nutritional products from the #1 Nutrition company in the world helps me make sure that I will NEVER turn back and truly END THE TREND!  


I am now 40 pounds down, up 8 lbs of lean muscle, and HELLA PROUD! 


For more details of my #journeywithherbalife visit my Instagram: @infitnutri and contact me to figure out how it all works.






As a former NASM Certified Personal Trainer, I have the knowledge to create goal-based programs that keep your workouts "fresh", push your motivation and make exercise fun and exciting, while providing you with the best nutrition possible to help you see results!


You Recieve:

  • One-on-one coaching and guidance

  • Motivational confidence

  • Safe  methods that take the guess out of your workout

  • Energized and refreshed programs that evolve as your body does

  • Plateau breaking workout ruts

  • Progress tracking

Your Body CANNOT  be  GIVEN

It CAN only be GAINED!

            FIT CAMPS

This comprehensive, body-changing workout combines strength training and cardio conditioning to improve your flexibility, agility, strength and endurance. (SOON to be offered in American Sign Language [A.S.L.])


You will be challenged to achieve your personal best and progress at your own pace while combining plyometric exercises to create a well-balanced and varied circuit. Boot Camp is your one-stop shop for a total-body workout. 


This workout will include a lot of cardio, yoga and moves along with some music for vibration. Let's show everyone else how a workout is really done! 


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