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I can help you create a member ID which will entitle you to a permanent 25% discount on the products. You only pay $34.95 for the id and it's only one time. Plus that discount increases up to 42% and we send you a welcome bag filled with goodies which I think is pretty cool. All you have to do is Go to www.myHerbalife.com

  1. Go to the middle of the page you will see an icon that says apply online.

  2. Click on become a Preferred Member for just $34.99 + s&h

  3. It will ask you for your sponsor ID which is 10XY052905 also ask for the three first letters of my last name, they will be ACO.

  4. Confirm that the sponsor's name reads "Jonathan Acosta"

  5. Then follow the instructions, The rest is just some personal info. Choose FedEx home delivery. Be sure to save your Id and password.

  6. Contact me or just stand by until I reach out, don't worry I will receive an email with your contact information. 


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